Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 2-6 of October 2023

GA4 Unveils New Way To Redact Personally Identifying Information

Google has introduced new documentation for its GA4 Data Redaction feature, aimed at preventing the accidental transmission of personally identifiable information (PII) to the platform. This addition is meant to simplify compliance with privacy regulations and Google’s own standards. While the feature will be activated by default for newly added properties to GA4, existing ones will need manual activation.

Meta Introduces New AI Tools For Advertisers

Meta is deploying new AI-driven advertising tools designed to enhance both creativity and efficiency for its advertisers. These tools, including Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations, come as a response to the increasing demand for novel advertisements. Initial feedback suggests the tools could save advertisers significant time each week, although further refinement is needed to fully capture brand nuances.

Google Assistant With Bard: Using AI To Complete Personal Tasks

Google revealed “Assistant with Bard” at its latest “Made by Google” event, merging the capabilities of the well-known Google Assistant with a new generative AI chatbot named Bard. This innovation is intended to revolutionize daily interactions with technology, allowing for more personalized and contextually relevant support through different Google services. It’s set to be available on Android and iOS devices soon after some initial testing phases.

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