Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 16-20 of October 2023

OpenAI Unveils DALL-E 3 Access Through ChatGPT Subscriptions Amid Safety Enhancements

OpenAI has extended access to its DALL-E 3 image generator through ChatGPT subscriptions for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers, striving for enhanced imagery and safety measures to mitigate harmful content generation. This follows DALL-E 3’s integration with Bing, with certain initial hiccups in filtering problematic content. The development signifies a notable advancement in public AI image creation capabilities, albeit with persisting ethical dilemmas.

Redefining SEO Landscape: Embracing Qualified Clicks in AI Search

On the other hand, AI search is reshaping the SEO landscape. Qualified clicks, a concept discussed by Bing’s Fabrice Canel, refers to highly targeted traffic generated from AI search, resulting from better understanding of user queries. Unlike traditional search engines, AI search, through a more conversational interaction, can provide more precise results, reducing the need for displaying multiple links. SEO professionals are urged to adapt by ensuring easy content indexing and avoiding complex website templates, among other recommendations.

Microsoft Launches AI Bug Bounty Program Targeting Bing’s AI Features

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s new AI Bug Bounty Program offers up to $15,000 for identifying vulnerabilities in AI systems, particularly within Bing’s AI features. This initiative seeks to enhance AI safety by encouraging external security testing, reflecting a broader industry effort to address AI system vulnerabilities proactively.

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