Digital Marketing Weekly Digest 17-21 July 2023

Daily Mail plans to sue Google over its Bard chatbot

The Daily Mail, one of the largest publications worldwide, wants to sue Google over its chatbot, Bard. “The issue concerns the fact that Bard was trained using content from the internet including hundreds of thousands of Daily Mail articles illegally harvested by Google web crawlers.”

This lawsuit is particularly important for site owners, whose platforms, as it stands, can be crawled and indexed without their consent. It’s up to the authorities to have the final say over whether site materials can be used free-of-charge to train neural networks.

Amazon Prime Day breaks another record in the US

Amazon Prime Day has become the most successful sales event in the USA, earning the company over $12.7 billion and selling 375,000,000 items. The event took place over 11-12 July, with sales increasing by 6.1% compared with last year.

Statistics show a significant increase in sales in specific categories compared with the average data for June. These categories include toys, which grew by 27%, electronics, which grew by 12%, and office supplies, which grew by 72%.

These results serve to demonstrate that high advertising spending during Prime Day certainly pays off.

85% of new subscribers to Netflix and Disney+ choose the option with advertising

MarketingDive, citing research by Samba TV and HarrisX, reports that 85% of new subscribers joining Netflix and Disney+ prefer the option that includes advertising, for reasons including the lower cost.

The data suggests that streaming services have high advertising potential. Over half of the survey respondents were happy to see up to three ads, while 42% of them preferred ads at the start of the episode/film. Accordingly, the reach from these ads may be very high.

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