Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 19-23 of February 2024

OpenAI Tests ChatGPT Memory Feature

OpenAI has announced the testing of a new ChatGPT memory feature, aimed at enhancing response quality by remembering user preferences, styles, tones, and formatting choices. This feature promises to learn from past interactions, thus reducing repetition and gradually improving its performance over time. Initially available to a select group of free and Plus users, OpenAI plans to extend this capability to a broader audience in the future. The memory, stored separately from chat histories, allows for selective recall and deletion through user-controlled settings, providing a customizable experience.

Google Gemini’s Chat Data Exposure Explained

Shortly after the public release of Google’s Gemini, users noticed that chat conversations were appearing in Google search results, raising concerns about data privacy. The incident, initially perceived as a leak, was attributed to the indexing of public conversations due to the absence of a robots.txt file in the Gemini subdomain. However, further investigation revealed that a robots.txt file was indeed in place, suggesting that public links might have facilitated the indexing. Google and Microsoft Bing’s different responses to the incident highlight the complexities of search engine indexing practices.

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Google Gemini Urges Caution with Confidential Information

Google has issued a warning to users of its Gemini AI, advising against sharing confidential information. The caution comes in light of the possibility that shared data could be reviewed by humans and included in AI training datasets. Gemini, available across Android and iPhone devices as well as a standalone chatbot, emphasizes multimodal interactions, including text, images, and audio inputs. Despite the potential for human review, Google assures users that measures are in place to protect privacy, including the dissociation of reviewed data from Google accounts and the option to limit data storage or prevent it from being used for dataset creation.

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