Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 20-24 of November 2023

Google Bard’s Enhanced YouTube Video Understanding

Google has recently updated Bard, its conversational AI chatbot, to enhance its capability in understanding YouTube video content. This feature aims to deepen user engagement with Google’s video platform. Although this advancement holds potential for marketing insights and audience engagement analysis, its effectiveness and accuracy are still being evaluated. The update signifies Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate advanced AI into its products, offering a glimpse into the future of AI-video interaction in the tech industry.

ChatGPT Alpha Emerges Amidst OpenAI’s Error Resolution Efforts

OpenAI’s ChatGPT users have encountered elevated error rates recently, coinciding with the appearance of “ChatGPT Alpha” in the model selection dropdown. This issue has affected Plus subscribers, leading to lost chat histories and custom GPTs. While the exact nature of ChatGPT Alpha remains uncertain, speculation suggests it could be a new version akin to GPT-4, potentially accessible to all users. This development indicates OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to enhance and expand its AI models.

OpenAI Unveils Free Voice Capabilities in ChatGPT Mobile App

OpenAI has announced a significant update to the ChatGPT mobile app, extending its voice interaction feature to all users for free. Previously exclusive to premium subscribers, this update democratizes access, enabling users to interact with the AI through voice commands. This advancement is expected to significantly impact content and search marketers by facilitating the creation of voice-optimized content and strategies, thus enhancing the user experience and engagement.

Google’s Perspective on AI in Content Creation

In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off The Record podcast, Google’s Search Relations team shared their views on the role of AI in content creation. They emphasized AI as a creative aid rather than a replacement for human originality. The team discussed AI’s potential to alleviate writer’s block and improve efficiency, advocating for a responsible approach to AI usage. This perspective from Google underlines the importance of viewing AI as a supplement to human creativity, not an over-hyped replacement.

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