Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 21-25 of August 2023

Meta AI Introduces Code Llama for AI-Assisted Programming

Meta AI’s new language model, Code Llama, promises to revolutionize the coding sector. With three different sizes and specialized versions for Python and natural language instructions, Code Llama aims to change the game in AI-assisted programming.

Google Workspace Bolsters Security with AI Measures

Google has incorporated AI-powered security into its Workspace product, aiming to outpace legacy productivity solutions in tackling modern threats. With features like Context-Aware Access, Google is liberating users from VPN dependencies, thereby enhancing both flexibility and security.

OpenAI Announces Fine-Tuning for GPT-3.5 Turbo

OpenAI is allowing fine-tuning for its GPT-3.5 Turbo, enabling better customization and improved performance for specific tasks. The feature will extend to GPT-4 later this year, offering a new layer of user customization in AI language models.

Anthropic Explores Premium Plans for

Anthropic, behind, is considering a move towards premium subscriptions priced at $50 per month. In a market with cheaper alternatives like ChatGPT and Poe by Quora, Anthropic’s decision highlights a trend towards monetization in AI-driven chat products.

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