Digital Marketing Weekly Digest 24-28 July 2023

We’ve decided to dedicate this digest to new legislation concerning gambling and betting.

India introduces gambling tax

The Indian government has introduced a 28% tax on gambling entertainment, such as sports betting, lotteries, casinos, etc. 

It is thought that introducing this tax will make it easier to fight against illegal gambling that is widespread throughout the country. However, this will actually lead to services becoming more expensive. Customers will have to pay more to play, and operators will have to share their profits with the state.

Australia to introduce a national self-exclusion register for gamblers

Australia will introduce a special self-exclusion register, called BetStop, for gambling addicts.

Users will be able to add themselves to the register, which will be checked by official operators. Individuals in the register won’t be able to place bets. 75 licensed operators will work with BetStop in total.

It will be launched on August 21st, 2023.

Sweden may ban the use of credit cards for gambling and betting

The Swedish Finance Ministry is recommending banning the use of credit cards for gambling and sports betting. The Ministry wants the ban, which will even include the lottery, to cover both direct and indirect payments.

The main argument for introducing this ban is the record amount of debt collected from Swedes, totalling $18.7 billion. This is a historic maximum, and is associated with gambling, among other things.

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