Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 27-01 of December 2023

Google Bard Director Discusses AI Ethics and Competitive Edge

In a recent interview, Yury Pinsky, Director of Product Management for Google Bard, shared insights into Bard’s development and strategic positioning. Bard, Google’s AI chatbot, is designed to assist users with creative tasks, coding, and understanding complex topics. Pinsky emphasized Bard’s distinct yet complementary relationship with Google Search, underscoring its focus on creativity and productivity. Despite facing challenges like factual inaccuracies, Google is committed to ethical AI development, continually improving Bard based on user feedback. This approach reflects Google’s dedication to combining innovation with responsibility in the evolving AI landscape.

Google Gemini’s Launch Postponed to 2024

Google has announced the delay of its new AI product, Gemini, to early 2024, citing challenges in processing non-English language queries. Initially set to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4, the postponement signifies the intense competition and high standards in the conversational AI field. This delay impacts other Google products expected to integrate Gemini’s advanced capabilities, highlighting the tech giant’s ongoing struggle to keep pace with rivals like Microsoft and OpenAI in AI innovation. Google CEO Sundar Pichai canceled several events planned for Gemini’s unveiling, indicating the significance of this setback.

OpenAI’s GPT Store Launch Rescheduled for 2024

OpenAI has rescheduled the launch of its GPT Store to early 2024, following unexpected delays. The company has also updated its GPT Builder tools, enhancing user experience and file handling capabilities. These updates align with OpenAI’s commitment to privacy and ease of use, especially for marketing and SEO professionals. Anticipation is high for the upcoming updates to ChatGPT, which reflect OpenAI’s responsiveness to community feedback and its dedication to leading in AI innovation. Despite the delay, OpenAI continues to focus on refining its platform for optimal performance.

Microsoft Researchers Enhance GPT-4 with New Prompting Technique

Microsoft researchers have developed a new prompting method that significantly boosts the performance of GPT-4, enabling it to outperform specialized AI models in certain tasks. This technique, termed ‘Medprompt’, utilizes advanced prompt engineering strategies, including Chain of Thought (CoT) reasoning and dynamic few-shot selection. These innovations have allowed GPT-4 to achieve remarkable results in medical benchmark datasets, surpassing even Google’s Med-PaLM 2 model. This breakthrough demonstrates the potential of general AI models to excel in specialized domains, paving the way for more efficient and versatile AI applications in various fields.

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