Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 28-01 of September 2023

Perplexity Adds Claude-2 to Its AI Model Selection for Pro Users

Perplexity has included Claude-2, developed by Anthropic, to its AI model selection for pro users, facilitating enhanced research and better writing capabilities. Users can switch between GPT-4 and Claude-2 based on their preference. This AI model is also accessible via other platforms like and Poe, offering various subscription plans and features for in-depth analysis and content creation.

ChatGPT’s Reach Among U.S. Adults According to Pew Research

A recent Pew study revealed that ChatGPT, despite the growing hype, remains largely unfamiliar to a majority of Americans, and few anticipate a significant impact on their job sectors. The study highlighted a varied adoption rate based on demographic factors and brought to light concerns over the potential need for more government regulation of chatbots in the future.

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