Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 7-11 of August 2023

Generative AI Experiences Explosive Growth

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have experienced rapid adoption, surpassing the adoption rates of smartphones and tablets after their initial release. The research from Emarketer highlights that generative AI reached 77.8 million users in two years since ChatGPT’s launch in November 2022. The rapid adoption rate is attributed to the low barrier of entry, allowing people to access ChatGPT without needing new hardware. Millennials and Gen Z are key demographics driving this surge.

Custom Instructions Feature Widened for ChatGPT Users

OpenAI recently expanded its ChatGPT Custom Instructions feature to most users. However, those in the EU and UK will have to wait a bit longer for access. Introduced in July, these instructions allow users to give specific contexts to ChatGPT, enhancing the AI’s ability to cater to individual preferences. Notably, this feature recently made its debut on the iOS ChatGPT app.

Gmail Enhances User Experience with Mobile Translation

Google is enhancing the user experience of its Gmail mobile app by introducing a translation feature. Previously available for web users, this feature now extends to the mobile app, allowing users to translate emails into over 100 languages. Users will have a dismissible banner, which, when tapped, will translate the email’s content. Android users began receiving this feature from August 8, while iOS users can anticipate its arrival starting August 21.

Amazon Explores AI-Driven Product Description Tools

Amazon is reportedly testing a new AI tool aimed at assisting sellers in generating product descriptions. The AI tool, designed to produce titles, descriptions, and bullet points for product listings, aims to revolutionize product listing optimization. While promising reduced manual effort, Amazon emphasizes that human oversight remains necessary to ensure compliance with the platform’s guidelines. The rise of AI tools in ecommerce platforms signals a shift in content generation processes for online businesses

Upcoming Affiliate Marketing Events

  • DealMaker Australia: Hosted by Rakuten Advertising on September 1 at the Four Seasons Sydney. The event includes keynote sessions, ad-tech startup demos, and ends with an award ceremony for exemplary advertisers and publishers.
  • SiGMA Balkans: A notable event for the iGaming industry from September 4 to 7 in Limassol, Cyprus. Attendees can network and gain insights from distinguished speakers, including Noureddine Khiti and Milica Delevic. The vast affiliate traffic opportunities presented by Adsterra are a highlight.
  • ClickBid Ibiza: Organized by ClickBid World from September 5 to 7 in Ibiza, Spain. Apart from networking, Google’s sponsorship is a major attraction, with only 500 exclusive tickets available for attendees.
  • DMEXCO 2023: Set for September 20 and 21 in Cologne, Germany. This annual event attracts digital marketing leaders across Europe, offering masterclasses, keynote panels, and debate sessions, with options for both in-person and online attendance.
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