Google Analytics 4 Introduces Enhanced Features for Analytics 360 Properties

Google is set to release a slew of new features tailored to accommodate the intricate reporting needs of large enterprises and agencies transitioning to GA4 for Analytics 360 properties.


Introduced to align with the rapidly transforming technological and regulatory environment, the enhanced features of GA4 go beyond its primary function of analyzing consumer behavior across digital domains. Harnessing the power of Google AI, the revamped analytics tool now offers insights that are more pertinent, forecasts prospective purchasing tendencies, and proposes solutions for uncertainties within the consumer journey.

Highlighted Features

1. Tailored Reporting Experiences

Google aims to streamline the reporting process. Users will soon be empowered to allocate custom reporting experiences to various organizational roles and teams. The era of generic reports for all organizational members is coming to an end. With these new reporting functionalities, advertising teams can exclusively view campaign-centric reports, bypassing the conventional GA4 interface.

2. Advanced Account Structuring

The impending update promises enhanced data governance capabilities. Users will have the flexibility to arrange their accounts using subproperties and roll-up properties. This structure not only simplifies access control but also optimizes reporting. Moreover, Google has unveiled plans to assimilate subproperties and roll-up properties with its suite of services, including Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Search Ads 360.

3. Swift BigQuery Exports

A remarkable enhancement is the expedited and dependable transfer of GA4 data to BigQuery, Google’s cloud-based data warehouse. To guarantee a uniform data analysis regimen, Google is set to unveil a service legal agreement (SLA). This ensures that insights are consistently ready for export at a designated time each day in the forthcoming year.

Transition to GA4: A Crucial Shift

Come July 1, 2024, data sourced from Universal Analytics will be inaccessible. Google emphasizes the urgency for users to finalize their migration to GA4 by March 2024 to safeguard essential data. Any hesitation in making this transition will culminate in the removal of all Universal Analytics properties and associated data.

The imperative for this comprehensive transition is evident, especially when considering the fluctuating technological and regulatory landscape. Specifically, certain advertising features within Universal Analytics will be rendered non-functional for traffic originating from the European Economic Area (EEA).

To alleviate potential transition challenges, Google is launching an API-driven upgrade mechanism for GA4 properties. This is anticipated to streamline the migration process for a multitude of sites.

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