PPC Weekly Digest on 08-12 of January 2024

Google’s New Sensitive Events Policy

Google has announced a major update to its Sensitive Events Policy, set to take effect in February 2024. This expansion is designed to more clearly define what constitutes a “sensitive event” and extends the scope of the policy to include Google’s publisher network. The policy aims to tackle issues such as price gouging, misdirected traffic, and victim blaming during crises. This move reflects Google’s commitment to ethical conduct and the prevention of exploitation during difficult times.

The Evolution of Google Search: Blending Social, Local, AI, and More

In a dynamic shift, Google is integrating a variety of features into its Search results and Discover feed, signaling a significant evolution in how users interact with the platform. This integration includes social posts, discussions, video content, shopping options, local results, and advanced AI elements. The strategy not only enhances user engagement within Google’s ecosystem but also opens up new avenues for advertising opportunities. This change emphasizes the importance of a more socially-driven and AI-enhanced user experience in search functionalities.

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