PPC Weekly Digest on 9-13 of October 2023

Google Plans to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies in Chrome

Starting in early 2024, Google has set its sights on phasing out third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. As an initial step, the tech giant will block these cookies for 1% of users. By mid-2024, the goal is to entirely remove third-party cookie support. The broader objective behind this move is to enhance user privacy and security. Digital advertisers, however, are bracing for impact, especially considering Google’s stronghold on the web browsing market.

Google Introduces Google Ads Data Manager for First-Party Data

With a mission to simplify first-party data management for marketers, Google unveiled its new tool: Google Ads Data Manager. This tool seeks to provide a unified interface where data analysts and marketers can join forces, eliminating the previous need for coding. Google anticipates that as restrictions on third-party data tighten, businesses establishing direct relationships with their customers through tools like this will be more future-ready.

AI-Powered Video Ads: Google’s Strategy to Challenge Social Media Advertising

In an ambitious attempt to challenge traditional social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Google launched Demand Gen Campaigns. This novel advertising product harnesses the power of AI to create highly targeted video and image ads. Aiming to capitalize on shifting consumer viewing habits, this initiative is designed to help advertisers reach audiences more effectively on platforms such as YouTube and Google Discover. The world witnessed the official rollout of Demand Gen Campaigns in October, replacing the previous Discovery ads product. This move is seen as Google’s most aggressive step yet to compete with rivals like Meta.

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