PPC Weekly Digest on 12-16 of February 2024

Google Tackles Local Ad Fraud Scheme

Google has initiated an investigation into a deceptive practice involving Local Service Ads (LSAs) after reports surfaced about businesses sabotaging competitors through fake LSAs linked to their Google Business Pages. This malicious activity aims to obscure genuine advertisements, thereby damaging the visibility and operations of the affected businesses. The issue came to light when Ben Fisher brought it to the attention of Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin, highlighting a concerning trend in online advertising. Google’s acknowledgment of the problem signifies a commitment to addressing this exploitation of their advertising system, although the long-term solution remains to be seen.

Evolution in Google’s Hotel Advertising Approach

In a significant shift towards more sustainable and privacy-friendly advertising strategies, Google has announced its plan to phase out commission-based bidding for Hotel Ads by October 2024. The move is in response to the broader industry’s transition away from reliance on third-party cookies and towards AI-driven solutions. Google will introduce target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS) and expand its Performance Max campaigns, aiming to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance ad performance and efficiency. This change reflects Google’s adaptation to the evolving digital landscape, particularly in the travel sector, which is experiencing a resurgence post-pandemic. The transition underscores the tech giant’s push towards utilizing advanced technologies to meet the dynamic needs of advertisers and consumers alike.

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