PPC Weekly Digest on 14-18 of August 2023

Is Google Collecting Children’s Data For Ads?

Google faces accusations of collecting children’s data for targeted ads, potentially violating federal privacy laws. A recent report alleges that the tech giant continues to serve personalized ads on content labeled “made for kids” despite a 2019 FTC settlement.

With the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prohibiting the collection of under-13s data without parental consent, the report’s findings have reignited concerns about children’s online safety and call for further scrutiny and potential auditing of Google’s algorithms and ad systems.

Google Pilots Premium Support for Small Advertisers

Google is testing a new pilot program, offering enhanced customer support for select small Google Ads clients. Aimed at addressing complaints from small businesses who felt overlooked by Google’s automated self-service options, this initiative offers them specialized, one-on-one support.

As Google works to balance cost-efficiency and client needs, the program underscores its effort to improve the customer experience across its advertising platform. Coupled with upgrades to the Google Ads Help Center, this initiative represents a shift towards more inclusive and attentive support for advertisers of all sizes.

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