PPC Weekly Digest 17-21 July 2023

TikTok launches a commercial content library

TikTok has launched a commercial content library – a repository of ads and other commercial content used in advertising campaigns with targeting parameters and effectiveness data. It’s believed that this will show how transparent the social network’s advertising algorithms are.

Although this library is available to users from anywhere in the world, right now only content from EEA, Swiss, and UK advertisers can be found there.

The library section will look like this, although it’s still in the early stages of development

Microsoft Performance Max is now in open beta

Microsoft Performance Max, which is a service for optimizing advertising campaigns, is now at the open beta testing stage. Performance Max is based on Microsoft AI, which automatically adjusts settings based on the product being sold.

The service itself doesn’t require much in the way of skills or time; settings can be modified in just a couple of clicks. Performance Max is able to work with Google Ads, among other advertising services. Currently Netflix is the only advertising service not compatible with Performance Max.

Meta announces changes to Facebook video Ads

Meta is planning to bring Facebook’s video ad tools in line with Instagram quality-wise. Advertisers will be provided with more functions to edit videos. Furthermore, it will soon be possible to upload Facebook Reels in HDR format and set your own musical tracks and even voice recordings.

Meta’s representatives state that for Facebook, they’re concentrating their efforts on videos, so that users will see a much higher number of short-form videos on their feed.

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