PPC Weekly Digest on 21-25 of August 2023

Google Unveils Demand Gen Campaigns for Mid-Funnel Demand

Google’s latest advertising tool, Demand Gen campaigns, is in its beta phase, with a full launch expected in October 2023. Designed to boost mid-funnel demand, the new AI-powered campaign type includes innovative features such as ads that are more “social” in nature and the use of multiple ad formats.

Transition from Discovery to Demand Gen Announced

Google has begun phasing out Discovery campaigns to make way for the new Demand Gen campaigns. This transition will happen gradually, from August 2023 to March 2024. Google aims to provide a smoother transition for advertisers by retaining all historical data and learnings for optimization.

Performance Max Gets Brand Safety Controls

In an effort to provide advertisers with better control over ad placements, Google AdsLiaison recently announced brand safety controls in Performance Max. These controls apply across Google’s Search, Shopping, Display, and Video inventories, providing multiple options to maintain brand integrity.

Vehicle Ads to Automatically Upgrade to Performance Max

Starting in September 2023, Google will automatically upgrade vehicle ads to its new Performance Max product. This move aligns with consumer behavior, as 79% of new car buyers initiate their shopping journey online. Performance Max offers several benefits, including expanded customer reach and increased conversions.

Considerations and Next Steps for Advertisers

With all these changes, advertisers are advised to note the new features and timelines for the upgrades. Google also suggests leveraging more creative materials and providing more information about target audiences to help its machine learning algorithms optimize faster.

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