PPC Weekly Digest 24-28 July 2023

Norway bans personalized and behavioral targeting on Meta social media

Norway is introducing a three-month ban on any advertising on Facebook and Instagram that uses personalized and behavioral targeting. The ban will come into effect from August 4th.

While the ban is in force, advertisers will only be able to use information from users’ bios and “About” sections, which don’t always contain accurate or up-to-date information. As a result, targeting may become both less accurate and more expensive.

X offers 50% discount for video ads

X, which was previously known as Twitter, is offering a 50% discount for video ads until July 31st. According to the platform, it means advertisers will receive more traffic during the Women’s Football World Cup, which is a major sporting event likely to be actively discussed by users.

Besides the announcement about discounts, X has also stated that brands will lose their verified status if they spend less than $1000 over the preceding 30 days, or $6000 over the preceding 180 days on advertising. The social network is still experiencing a major loss of advertising, and Musk is hoping that this measure will make the platform profitable again.

Google updates its Shocking Content policy to exclude gameplay imagery

From August 30th, Google will no longer consider gameplay imagery as Shocking Content. This means that site owners who have received bans from the search engine can appeal to have their restrictions lifted, including restrictions on advertising.

Shocking Content will continue to refer to acts of violence, foul language, and obscene photographs and images.

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