PPC Weekly Digest on 28-01 of September 2023

Google Updates Policy On Cryptocurrency Ads

Google is set to revamp its ad policy concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games in September 2023. The policy will focus on responsible advertising by allowing ads for NFT games that align with specific requirements and do not promote gambling. Violations will not lead to immediate account suspension, offering advertisers a warning period of at least seven days before potential suspension. 

Microsoft Introduces Audience Features In Advertising Editor & More

Microsoft Advertising has unveiled several new features, including expanded audience targeting options available globally in the Microsoft Advertising Editor. Advertisers can now manage bulk changes more easily and benefit from newly introduced auto-generated assets for responsive search ads and logo extensions for increased brand visibility. New integrations for the Customer Data Platform have also been introduced to facilitate targeted campaigns.

Google Fights Back Against Misleading Ads With New Policy

To counter misleading advertisements, Google has initiated a “Limited Ads Serving” policy. This approach seeks to increase ad transparency and build user trust by imposing a probationary period on unfamiliar advertisers, potentially limiting their ad impressions to curb deceptive content. The policy aims to create a clearer, safer user experience by restricting the spread of potentially deceptive advertisements from advertisers with unverified track records.

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