PPC Weekly Digest on 4-8 of September 2023

Google Updates Policy On Cryptocurrency Ads

In an effort to foster responsible innovation, Google plans to revise its advertising policies concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchain games in September 2023. Detailed by Matt G. Southern, the update delineates the rules of promoting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and affiliated products through Google Ads. As part of the policy change, Google will allow ads promoting in-game purchases of items enhancing user experiences but will maintain a ban on ads that facilitate gambling with NFTs. The updated policy, applicable globally, seeks to strike a balance between nurturing innovation and fostering responsible advertising in the burgeoning domain of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

YouTube Announces AI-Powered Creative Guidance In Google Ads

Google Ads introduces a new feature leveraging AI technology to assist advertisers in enhancing their video ad campaigns. As noted by Kristi Hines, this innovative tool, available in the Recommendations and Video Analytics sections of Google Ads, evaluates video ads against a set of creative best practices and proposes actionable improvement suggestions. With a focus on key elements like brand logo visibility, voiceover quality, and video duration, the feature promises to revolutionize advertising strategies and ROI by facilitating data-driven decisions, heralding AI’s growing prominence in the advertising industry.

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