PPC Weekly Digest 10-14 July 2023

Microsoft Advertising presents its latest updates

Microsoft Advertising, a platform for PPC marketing on the search engines Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo, has announced eight new updates that will be available from July:

Predictive targeting

Platform users can use a new marketing tool – predictive targeting – which uses AI and machine learning to automatically define and target a new audience with ads, increasing conversion rates.

Generative AI in RSA

Artificial intelligence will also be used in the creation and editing of responsive search ads. This tool uses a URL to generate headers and descriptions – available with a single click and in 35 languages.

IF functions for RSA

The update will allow complex targeting and ad customisation based on the type of device and the audience. For example, it might include an extra discount in an ad for smartphone users.


In dynamic search ads, AI will be used to generate images based on the user’s website content.

The platform has also announced an expansion of its support for vacation rental property ads and improvements to its UET tag management dashboards. Data-driven attribution reporting will now be generally available, and a number of outdated Keyword Planner features will be deprecated.

Google Ads presents its new design

Besides some aesthetic changes, the platform’s pages have been divided into five categories: Campaigns, Goals, Tools, Billing, and Admin. This makes navigating Google Ads clearer and simpler. There’s also a search bar for anyone struggling to find what they’re looking for.

Updated Microsoft Advertising rules

From July 1, 2023, Microsoft Advertising will be introducing some new rules affecting marketing in a number of countries:

  • Belgium is banning all marketing related to gambling. The platform’s moderators will not allow any gambling-related marketing in Belgium after July 1, 2023.
  • It is forbidden in the Netherlands to show ads with gambling offers to anyone under the age of 24.

The platform will also be introducing a number of additional restrictions, provisionally from August 1, 2023:

  • Gambling advertisements must not be shown in Ireland between 5:30 and 21:00 local time.
  • Marketing about clinical tests and experimental treatments will be completely banned from the service.
  • Marketing from adult markets will be banned in Hungary and Poland.
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