Push Ads in 2024: A Step By Step Guide for Push Notification Ads

A typical push mailing on a smartphone

The advantage of push notifications is that they practically do not differ from regular notifications. Therefore, they cause less negativity among users.

Benefits of working with push traffic

For a modern affiliate, push notifications are a goldmine. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Exact hit in the field of view of the user. Push notification overlays all other windows. It is simply impossible not to notice it.
  • No twists. Push notifications cannot be boosted as notifications are sent only to subscribers who have agreed to receive them and who have their device turned on now.
  • Simplicity of the interface. In the case of push notifications, there are much less difficulties with creatives. Notifications are simple. It is a picture and two lines of text. And it’s also not difficult to peep creatives from other affiliates.
  • Fast moderation. In large networks, push notifications are moderated within an hour and a half. There are no special restrictions there so you can advertise everything that is not prohibited by law.
  • Fine settings. Push notifications can be configured in any way, by geo, platform, user activity, message sending time, and a number of other parameters.
  • Low cost. In the US, the recommended CPC is $0.05 and the minimum is $0.0104. The minimum deposit in the advertising network is $100. That is, with this money you can already launch some kind of campaign, albeit a small one.

Disadvantages of push traffic

Nevertheless, this popular format also has its downsides. For example, just because of the high popularity, traffic prices are skyrocketing. A campaign in certain regions and for a specific audience can still be launched cheaply, but the trends are such that push notifications will soon become expensive.

In addition, pop-up messages that overlap the content annoy the user in one way or another. After the first advertising notification, the customer can completely unsubscribe from the mailing list, which will exclude this customer from the database and make the campaign unavailable.

One can name the impossibility of customizing by interests as well. There is a high probability that messages will be sent in vain to users who are not at all interested in a product or service. And in general, in the case of push notifications, people are not warmed up so they are not looking for your offer. Accordingly, a push notification should first lead to a “pad”, an intermediate site that will warm up the user.

Push notifications: mobile and desktop

Push notifications can be desktop and mobile.

The mechanisms for sending desktop push notifications work in the same way as with email campaigns. The user on a certain site agrees to receive push notifications about the release of new materials. As a rule, in addition to push notifications from a specific site, the user also receives an advertising mailing list.

In the case of the mobile version, everything looks a little more complicated. You need an app to send mobile push notifications. No app, no push notifications. At the same time, it still needs to be integrated with the mailing platform, and this requires an iOS or Android developer.

In the mobile version, a push notification looks like a small icon on the left side of the message and a couple of lines of text. In the desktop one, most of the message area is occupied by a picture. The text is smaller and smaller. In both cases, by clicking the push button, the user goes to the advertised page.

Best push verticals


One of the best verticals for push notifications is that any user is potentially interested in relationships and sex. Another thing is that the top geos such as the USA, Canada, the EU countries are heavily flooded, there is high competition. However, if you choose the right creative, the campaign can be successful.


Push campaigns have become widespread during the pandemic, but even now you can still drive leads to them. However, you need to remember that gambling advertising is prohibited in some countries, for example, in China. You can try to cast individual European countries like Finland, but again, you will have to face competition and the high cost of the lead.


Although now there is a “crypto winter”, a recession in the market, offers with digital currencies are still popular. Advertising pushes in this vertical are often perceived as advice from trusted sites so the users listen to them.


The vertical is somewhat risky as it’s not sure that you will fall into the interests of the user. But if the product is good, it is quite possible to try. If you push traffic from porn sites, then offers for all kinds of enlargers and dietary supplements will find their customers.

Best grids for push traffic

Rich Push

Rich Push is one of the world’s largest push notification networks. The platform works with the whole world and in its arsenal there are 220 countries and 450 million subscribers. Rich Push can show the average cost per click on the selected device and geo before starting work.

The site uses CPC and CPM pricing models. The minimum CPC is $0.003 and the minimum deposit is $100.

Rich Push also offers many types of targeting: by device, provider, language, connection type, and so on.


MGID is a native advertising platform with an auction pricing system. The network allows you to send push notifications to 200+ countries around the world to 850 million users. MGID uses artificial intelligence technologies and shows ads exactly to interested users.

The minimum deposit for the platform is $100, and for a $500 deposit, MGID also gives you a personal manager. The minimum cost per click is $0.001.


EvaDav is an international advertising network operating in approximately 200 countries. It takes 10 minutes from registration on the site to the launch of the campaign so everything is intuitively simple. Most of all on the platform offers VPNs and other applications, but dating and gambling are also popular.

The minimum deposit on the platform is $100 and the minimum CPC is $0.001. At the same time, the network is distinguished by convenient bidding algorithms.


The Adcash platform works with entertainment sites in 196 countries around the world. A distinctive feature of the grid is the ability to set rates in real time. However, if you wish, you can work on a standard self-service platform.

For the self-service platform, the minimum deposit is $100. But in real time, you will have to pay a whole $ 1000. The minimum cost per click is slightly more expensive than on other sites – $0.003.


Adsterra is a native advertising platform with 11 years of experience. It has 248 geos and about 20,000 direct publishers in its arsenal. In total, Adsterra gives out about 30 billion ad impressions every month.

Adsterra has a real-time bidding feature, three-level affiliate protection against fraud, 20 targeting filters, and a number of other useful features. The minimum deposit is $100 and the minimum CPC is $0.001.


Zeropark is one of the world’s largest push traffic platforms. The platform delivers over two billion clicks and operates all over the globe. Zeropark’s top verticals include nutra and sports betting.

Zeropark works on CPC, CPL and real-time bidding models. You can start the campaign in an hour with a minimum deposit of $200. In this case, the lowest cost per click will be $0.001.


RUNative is a global native advertising network operating worldwide. Like many other sites, RUNative can work in the algorithmic selling mode, managing prices dynamically. The site provides step-by-step instructions for launching an advertising campaign so this way you can start in a matter of hours. Each user of RUNative gets a personal manager.

The minimum deposit on the platform is $100. The minimum CPC is $0.001.

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What should be creatives for push traffic

There are several recommendations for creating creatives for push traffic:

  • Choose a simple image. The picture should not have a lot of details as they distract from the main message. The fewer objects in the image, the better.

For example, the left picture conveys the message of the advertisement in a simpler way – the user is not lost in the objects.

  • Use icons – they convert better. This is practically a conclusion from the previous paragraph, the icon has much less details than any image.

The image on push notifications is mostly small. In the example on the right, you don’t immediately understand what is being advertised at all.

  • You don’t need to put text on top of the image. Not only will it be poorly readable, but it can also distract from the picture. Space for text is in the title and description, where you can leave a call to action.

The creative should be as simple and catchy as possible, the text complicates it unnecessarily.

  • Please note site rules. As a rule, erotica in advertising campaigns is not available – sometimes even light. Accordingly, you need to use allusions to it.

These creatives may well be allowed.

  • Do testing. Even the coolest creative in your opinion may not take off. You need to allocate a small amount for a test check and then refine it based on the reaction of users.

Push text recommendations

If the role of the image in the push is to attract attention, then the text explains what the essence of advertising is. Accordingly, the text of the push notification should be understandable. From the two phrases, the reader should understand what exactly is being advertised.

But understanding is only half the battle. The push text should be a trigger, hook your target audience. These phrases should be aggressive, the very form of communication suggests such an approach. A good push might use puns, metaphors, or puns to grab attention. The main thing is that the action is not lost behind them.

Main points

  • Push traffic is a relatively new direction for an affiliate marketer, which has already become quite popular.
  • One of the main advantages of push notifications is that the user will definitely see ads.
  • You need an app to send mobile push notifications. No app, no push traffic.
  • Images for push notifications should be simple so as not to confuse or detract from the main message.
  • The text of the push should flirt with the reader, but at the same time be understandable.
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