SEO Weekly Digest on 9-13 of October 2023

Google Brings Structured Data to Car Dealerships

Google recently launched an improved feature allowing car dealerships to easily display their vehicle inventory on various Google platforms. With this new structured data markup, dealers can seamlessly integrate information about cars available for sale, making it easier for potential buyers to search and filter options. This added functionality, currently available in English in the US on both mobile and desktop, presents an efficient alternative to the previous method, which required uploading data feed files.

Discover Feed Expands to Google’s Desktop Version

Google is currently testing the integration of its Discover feed on the desktop, primarily in India. This experiment, if successful, could alter the traditionally minimalist Google homepage that users have been accustomed to for over two decades. The Discover feed, initially launched for mobile users in 2018, offers tailored content ranging from news and sports to finance. If the desktop version receives positive feedback, it could mean an uptick in referral traffic to various content and news websites globally.

New DDOS Vulnerability Affects Most Web Servers

A recently identified vulnerability, dubbed the “HTTP/2 Rapid Reset”, poses a significant threat to virtually all web servers. This exploit can facilitate large-scale DDOS attacks using relatively minimal resources. The vulnerability leverages the HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 network protocols, which are widely used by modern web servers. While security patches are urgently being developed, no solution has been officially released. As a temporary measure, server administrators can downgrade to HTTP/1.1 to prevent attacks, although this may lead to reduced server performance.

Google Enhances Search for Electric Vehicles and Energy Information

Aiming to promote sustainable choices among users, Google has updated its search engine to provide more comprehensive information on electric vehicles (EVs) and home energy options. Potential EV buyers can now access essential details like pricing, battery range, and available government incentives directly from the search results. Additionally, an updated fuel cost calculator and new home energy insights are available, providing users with valuable data for making informed decisions. SEO professionals in the EV and home energy sectors are advised to leverage structured data markup to ensure their content is featured prominently in these updated search displays.

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