SEO Weekly Digest on 11-15 of September 2023

Quality Content Paramount in Google’s Search Indexing Decisions

Quality content has emerged as a significant influencer in Google’s indexing, crawling, and ranking decisions, following a discussion between John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google’s Search Relations team. Despite its importance, having quality content doesn’t necessarily translate to top rankings. Gary Illyes clarified that sites can elevate their reputation by eliminating low-quality content, which can subsequently enhance Google’s perception and influence its indexing and crawling behaviors. Among the misconceptions addressed were the notions that duplicate content and affiliate links are problematic, when in reality, the key lies in ensuring content is unique and valuable.

Google Faces Antitrust Trial Over Search Deals

The US Justice Department initiated an antitrust case against Google, accusing the tech giant of strong-arming partners into deals to uphold its search dominance since approximately 2010. Central to the case is Google’s alleged use of the “power of defaults” to cement its position as the foremost search engine in browsers and operating systems, with highlighted deals involving major companies like Apple and Mozilla. The government suggests Google’s strategies might have precluded search improvements beneficial to consumers, such as bolstering privacy standards. Conversely, Google compares the ease of switching search engines to changing software in the dial-up era. The crux of the ongoing trial is to ascertain whether Google’s practices have indeed been detrimental to consumers, especially in the context of complementary products like search engines. The proceedings are slated to continue through late September and early October.

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