SEO Weekly Digest on 12-16 of February 2024

Google Updates Web Stories Availability

In a recent announcement, Google has made significant changes to the availability of its Web Stories feature. Previously accessible through Google Images, Web Stories will now solely appear in Google Search, including Google Discover. This shift aims to streamline content delivery, focusing on providing users with immersive, full-screen experiences tailored for mobile consumption. Google’s update reflects a strategic move to enhance visual storytelling and snackable content, emphasizing the importance of engaging and fast-loading narratives in today’s digital landscape.

Clarification on Google-Extended Crawler Documentation

Google has updated its documentation on the Google-Extended web crawler, introducing clarifications and addressing publisher concerns. Launched in September 2023, Google-Extended allows web publishers to manage their site’s interaction with Google’s AI model training, specifically for improving Bard and Vertex AI generative APIs. The update highlights that blocking the Google-Extended crawler does not affect a site’s Google Search performance, aiming to reassure publishers about the implications of opting out from AI data collection.

A Complete Guide to Keyword Search Volume

Resolution to Google Search Indexing Issues

After facing a week-long indexing problem that delayed content appearance in search results, Google has announced a resolution. Starting on January 31 and resolved by February 8, this issue affected a small number of sites, sparking concerns among SEO professionals and web administrators. Google’s swift action to address and fix the problem underscores its commitment to maintaining an efficient and reliable search engine, ensuring timely content indexing for publishers and content creators.

Preparing for Google’s INP Metric with Tools

Google is set to introduce the Interaction to Next Paint (INP) metric as a new Core Web Vital, replacing First Input Delay on March 12, 2024. Aimed at measuring website responsiveness, INP focuses on the time taken for visual feedback following user interactions. Google has recommended several tools, including Site Kit by Google and DebugBear, to help web publishers optimize their websites for this upcoming metric. The emphasis on INP highlights Google’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience, stressing the significance of quick and responsive web design.

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