SEO Weekly Digest on 14-18 of August 2023

The past few days have seen numerous insightful updates, primarily from Google, that impact businesses and website owners. Here’s a quick overview of some significant developments.

Google Allows Social Media Links on Business Profiles

In a bid to enhance visibility for businesses across its platforms, Google has introduced a new feature. Businesses can now integrate their social media links directly into their Google Business Profiles. This enables them to present their social media presence cohesively on Google Search and Maps. The supported platforms for this feature include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube. The feature is presently rolling out selectively across various regions.

Why Sites Might Not Rank Despite “Good” SEO

John Mueller, a prominent figure from Google, shed light on the perplexing question many SEO professionals have: Why doesn’t a site rank for low competition keywords despite adhering to “good” SEO practices? Mueller emphasized that while technical aspects of SEO, such as structured data, content quality, and page speed are important, site promotion is equally vital. Drawing an analogy, he mentioned that a book with a good cover, proper sentence structure, and an intriguing topic doesn’t guarantee best-seller status; likewise, a website with optimized technical details might not ensure top rankings without adequate promotion.

Using Noindex to Alter Sitelinks

Another noteworthy discussion from John Mueller revolved around the use of “noindex” to adjust sitelinks. A Reddit user queried about using noindex to remove a particular webpage (in this case, a real estate agent’s page) from appearing in the sitelinks. Mueller clarified that while a temporary application of noindex might remove the page during its duration, reverting the noindex would likely bring the page back to its original state in the sitelinks. He emphasized that indexing and ranking are distinct processes. Interestingly, Google’s official recommendation for removing a page from sitelinks is indeed to use noindex.

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