SEO Weekly Digest on 16-20 of October 2023

Hostload Exceeded Issue Clarified by Google

Over the weekend, several users reported a “Hostload Exceeded” error when trying to index their webpages through Google Search Console. While initially suspected to be a web host issue, it was later clarified by Google’s John Mueller that the error was due to individuals spamming the Inspect URL/Submit to Indexing tool. He suggested that normal indexing processes were unaffected and advised users to allow natural indexing rather than manual submissions.

October 2023 Spam Update Rolled Out

Google completed the rollout of its October 2023 Spam Update on October 20, targeting thin, copied, and misleading content. This update, prompted by user feedback on increased spam results, aims to improve search result quality globally. Google advises publishers to review their sites and rectify any spammy practices to stay in line with the update.

Completion of October 2023 Core Update

The October 2023 Core Update was finalized on October 19, focusing on promoting quality content while demoting low-quality sites. This core update aims to refine Google’s primary search algorithms to provide better search results. Sites affected are encouraged to review their content, optimize user experience, and make incremental improvements to recover their rankings.

Lighthouse 11.2.0 Updates Announced

Google announced updates to Lighthouse, now version 11.2.0, which encompasses numerous changes in performance scores and design enhancements. These updates will soon reflect in PageSpeed Insights and are scheduled to appear in Chrome Dev Tools in Chrome 120, releasing on December 5, 2023. The new version introduces an overhauled performance category, a new interface for the performance category, and alignment fixes among other changes, aiming to provide a better user experience.

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