SEO Weekly Digest on 20-24 of November 2023

Navigating Website Search Performance with Google Search Console Insights

A recent guide explored the capabilities of Google Search Console Insights, emphasizing its role in enhancing website search performance. This tool combines data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, offering diverse performance views. It provides valuable insights into user interactions and top-performing pages, enabling website owners to refine their strategies based on comprehensive data analysis.

Demystifying Site Quality in Google’s Perspective

In a notable podcast discussion, experts from Google delved into the concept of site quality, suggesting that it is simpler than often perceived. They recommended a user-centric approach to evaluating site quality, focusing on whether a page delivers what it promises. Emphasizing originality and value-addition, the discussion pointed out that quality assessment should not be over complicated but should rather concentrate on fulfilling user needs.

Emphasis on Technical SEO Foundations Before Chasing Trends

A recent focus has been placed on the importance of technical SEO as a foundational aspect of search engine optimization. The conversation centered on addressing basic technical issues such as site crawlability, indexing, and page rendering before pursuing advanced or trending SEO tactics. The importance of solid technical SEO groundwork was highlighted as a critical step in ensuring a website’s effective performance in search results.

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