SEO Weekly Digest on 21-25 of August 2023

Google Updates PageSpeed Insights with Lighthouse 11

Google’s new Lighthouse 11 aims to streamline website performance evaluation by offering new audits, bug fixes, and scoring adjustments. Key features include new accessibility audits, changes to best practices scoring, and fixes to the Largest Contentful Paint metric. The update also acknowledges the promotion of the Interaction to Next Paint (INP) metric from its experimental status.

Google Explains How Googlebot Handles AI-Generated Content

Martin Splitt from Google clarifies how Googlebot’s crawling and rendering adapt to the surge in AI-generated content. During a webinar, he discussed that the quality control mechanisms are in place to ensure the value of content, be it human or AI-generated. This follows Search Engine Journal’s article about a quality detection algorithm that identifies low-quality AI content.

How Google Analytics 4 Utilizes AI for Marketing Data

Google Analytics 4 is making use of AI to provide better insights into your data. Features like automated insights, which flag anomalies or emerging trends, and custom insights, which allow you to set your own metrics and thresholds, aim to guide more efficient marketing decisions. The AI assistant in Google Analytics 4 also offers actionable recommendations for marketing strategies.

Thirteen New Accessibility Audits in Lighthouse 11

The Lighthouse 11 update brings a focus on website accessibility by introducing thirteen new audits like ‘aria-allowed-role’ and ‘image-redundant-alt.’ These audits will help websites comply with best practices, making them more accessible to users relying on assistive technologies.

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