SEO Weekly Digest on 23-27 of October 2023

Google Offers Clarity on Handling 404 Errors in Search Console

Google’s John Mueller responded to concerns about the high number of 404 errors appearing in the Search Console. The 404 error, which indicates a page doesn’t exist, isn’t always a problem that needs rectification. If a page genuinely doesn’t exist, it’s appropriate for the server to return this error. However, some common causes include links to pages that have been moved without redirects or misspelled URLs. Mueller’s advice, particularly for errors generated by spam sites linking to non-existent pages, is simple: “Just ignore them.” But if there’s an unexpected error for a page that should exist, that’s a cue to address it.

Navigating the Recipe Debate: Google’s Stance on Recipe Content

There’s been much debate about the ideal format for online recipes, especially with some sites accused of padding their content for SEO benefits. Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, addressed this issue on X (previously Twitter). Sullivan explained that Google’s goal is to cater to diverse user preferences, from those wanting just a list of ingredients to others looking for the story behind a recipe. While emphasizing the importance of user-friendly content, Sullivan also stressed the need to respect creators who choose to include more detailed backgrounds in their recipes.

Revolutionizing Navigation: Google Maps Enhances its AI Features

Google Maps is set to take its user experience to the next level with several AI-driven features. An exciting development is the “Immersive View” function, offering users a detailed 3D preview of their journey, leveraging a combination of computer vision and a vast repository of Street View and aerial images. This feature provides users with a simulated experience, complete with capabilities like changing weather conditions or time of day. Alongside, the Lens feature, which overlays information on real-world camera views, will be available in over 50 additional cities. Electric vehicle drivers can expect updates to aid in locating compatible charging stations, while a new AI-powered visual search promises richer, image-based results for specific queries in select countries.

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