SEO Weekly Digest on 27-01 of December 2023

Google Bard Director Discusses AI Chatbot’s Future and Ethical Development

Yury Pinsky, Director of Product Management at Google Bard, recently shared insights in an interview with Search Engine Journal. He discussed the current and future aspects of Bard, Google’s experimental AI chatbot. Pinsky emphasized Bard’s role in enhancing creativity and productivity, differentiating it from Google Search. Despite challenges like factual inaccuracies, Google remains committed to ethical AI development, continually improving Bard based on user feedback. The focus is on expanding Bard’s capabilities while avoiding monetization through ads, prioritizing a responsible and user-centric approach to AI development.

Google Updates Search with Enhanced Organization Markup

Google is expanding its support for organization structured data markup, enabling companies to provide more detailed information in search results. This update allows the inclusion of additional details like address and contact information, which will be displayed in knowledge panels and other search result features. Google encourages websites to add these new fields to their organization markup to benefit from future search enhancements. This initiative aims to improve the accuracy and richness of company information presented in Google Search.

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles: A New SEO Dynamic

LinkedIn has introduced “collaborative articles,” a feature combining AI-generated content, user contributions, and LinkedIn’s authority. Launched in March 2023, these articles begin as AI-generated conversation starters, which are then enriched with insights from selected experts. Erika Varangouli, analyzing the impact of these articles, raises concerns about misinformation and content quality. Despite their potential for strong organic performance, there are challenges in ensuring the reliability and value of these contributions, especially in the context of Google’s evolving search algorithms.

Google Advises on Handling 404 Errors from Inbound Links

John Mueller of Google recently provided advice on managing 404 errors resulting from inbound links. In a Reddit thread, Mueller suggested focusing on 404s that are relevant and actually attract traffic, using server logs or analytics for identification. He also clarified that not all 404 errors need fixing, as some may result from pages appropriately removed. Mueller’s guidance helps differentiate between 404 errors worth addressing and those that are a natural part of web content evolution, offering practical strategies for website owners and SEO professionals.

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