SEO Weekly Digest on 28-01 of September 2023

Google’s John Mueller Affirms Technical SEO’s Significance

Google’s John Mueller counters claims suggesting the diminishing importance of technical SEO, highlighting its sustained relevance despite recent updates to Google’s ranking systems documentation. This statement is part of a broader conversation in the SEO community focusing on optimizing high-quality content without neglecting technical aspects.

Debunking Redirect Myths: Insights from Google’s John Mueller

Google’s John Mueller tackled prevalent myths regarding redirect types in a recent Google Search Central video and subsequent discussion on X/Twitter. He clarified that the type of redirect used (301 or 302) doesn’t significantly impact PageRank and that permanent redirects aren’t truly irreversible, thereby shedding new light on SEO strategies and practices.

Google’s Experimental Feature Aims to Make Webpages Faster

Google is trialing a new Chrome feature that optimizes JavaScript execution to enhance webpage responsiveness, potentially offering publishers an edge in a new core web vital metric. The initiative addresses the long tasks problem in JavaScript, aiming to boost Interaction to Next Paint (INP) scores which are slated to replace First Input Delay (FID) as a core web vital metric by March 2024.

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