SEO Weekly Digest on 4-8 of September 2023

Google Updates Crawler Documentation To Fix A Typo

In a significant move for SEO professionals and publishers, Google corrected a typo in the crawler documentation pertaining to the Google Inspection Tool. This typo might have caused misidentification, potentially leading websites to block a legitimate Google crawler. It’s essential to adjust any robots.txt, meta robots directives, or CMS code, if you are whitelisting or blocking certain crawlers from Google.

Google Updates Search Console Shopping Tab Listings Report

Google has introduced new functionalities in the Search Console’s Shopping tab to assist merchants in optimizing their product listings effectively. These updates, expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, will provide alerts for product visibility issues and opportunities to increase clicks and enhance rankings on Google. Integration with a Merchant Center account is required to use these new features.

Google Completes Rollout Of August 2023 Core Update

Google has finalized the deployment of its August 2023 core update, a process that took over 16 days. This update aims to enhance the reliability of search results, following a similar update in March and two review updates earlier in the year. Website owners are encouraged to focus on quality content and monitor the effects of these updates closely through website analytics.

Google Confirms Google Sites Are “Not Ideal For SEO Purposes”

In a candid revelation, John Mueller from Google advised against using Google Sites for SEO purposes due to its complex tracking in Search Console and suboptimal SEO qualities. Despite being technically indexable, Mueller suggested considering other platforms for better SEO results. Additionally, he debunked the myth surrounding “Google Stacking” and clarified that no “trust” or “authority” gets transferred through links on Google subdomains.

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