How To Optimize Your SEO for Gambling Sites

SEO optimization itself is not an easy process. By 2024, there will be a lot of competition for almost every keyword. In addition, all this is a voluminous, time-consuming work with results that appear far from immediately.

Betting and gambling sites have the same problems, but in addition, search engines also do not like them since gambling has a rather negative reputation on the Internet. Therefore, working with gambling SEO should be precise and strategic. In our material, we will talk about how to do SEO optimization for gambling sites.

SEO Features for Gambling Sites

Modern search engines are guided not only by the number of keys on a particular page. Now the position in the search results depends on how much time the user spends on the page.

For webmasters and affiliates working with gambling, this greatly complicates the task. The fact is that people who are fond of gambling and sports betting are usually emotional and impatient. If they don’t immediately find what they are looking for on your page, they will immediately close it and move on to another one. There is no question of careful reading, especially in the first seconds of being on the site.

Such a scheme is very good for those interested in gambling, it accurately and concisely gives the most important data.

At the same time, when working with SEO texts, you have to balance between promotion in search results and work with lawyers. The author would be happy to write that “company A is better than company B”, but from a legal point of view, the site can cause a lot of problems.

Finally, the specifics of the business also add complexity. For example, to get a good organic link from a reputable source for free as the media cover gambling and betting only from the negative side. That is, for the vast majority of links had to pay. The competition in the industry is high, and organic promotion is tied only to SEO.

SEO Tips for Gambling Sites

Choose a domain with history

Any site to develop from scratch is difficult. A site about gambling is doubly difficult to optimize – it is better to think about buying a domain with a specific link profile.

The domain should be at least more than 2 years old, and preferably about 5 years old. The link profile should not be filled with spam. Ideally, the domain should already be hosted in the appropriate business directories.

Research keywords

Like any other industry, gambling has its own trends. For example, “online casino for real money” is now in the top of requests, and “sports betting” has hardly grown until recently.

The graph clearly shows that the interest in poker among users is weakening.

Improve page loading speed

Page loading speed is one of the key SEO factors, especially for promoting gambling sites. Even if you have everything in order with the rest of the indicators, you will not get to the top of the search results if the pages of the site load slowly. And then, it will annoy users as slow loading also affects behavioral factors.

Check the main competitors with Google PageSpeed Insights as the service will show how quickly the pages of the site are loaded from computers and mobile devices.

The service itself will tell you if everything is in order with the performance of the site.

Improve your meta descriptions

Top search results are good. But it’s not enough just to get to the first page of the request, you need to make sure that the user goes to the page. To do this, you have to work with a description of the site page, which is displayed in the search results.

There is no single method for increasing CTR from search. Someone works with numbers and indicators, someone is experimenting with emoticons. It is important to conduct A/B testing and choose the most effective description.

Write unique and interesting content

For search engines, the main role is played by the content on the page – both text and images. At the same time, it is not enough just to fill the text with keywords, although this is also important – you need to publish useful and interesting content. Now SEO texts are focused on creating a good user experience, and not just on the work of search engines. At the same time, quality is more important than quantity – it is better to write less often, but to give out something really interesting than to publish material that no one needs, which repeats well-known facts.

The audience can easily recognize if the author does not understand the topic, the text gives it away. It becomes empty and uninformative. In fact, this is the usual spam in the format of a large article. The user will not read this and close the page, which will be a blow to all SEO indicators.

The best content is not written for Google, but for your audience. It’s great if the author himself burns with the topics of sports betting and gambling, and not just understands this on top. If, in addition, such content is backed up by numbers and links to research, this will strengthen your authority in the eyes of the reader. Another approach is to demonstrate user experience in the form of reviews and testimonials. You can implement mechanics designed for the audience – for example, give out free spins for a published review.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the pictures on the site. Since 2018-2019, search engines have learned to determine the uniqueness of images and now also take them into account in ranking. Therefore, each picture will have to be, if not redrawn, then at least unionized and transferred to the colors of the brand. Otherwise, the site will be lower in the search results.

Main Points

  • SEO is practically the only high-quality and free source of traffic for sites about gambling and betting, precisely because of the specifics of the industry.
  • When working with SEO texts, you have to balance between the need to satisfy user needs and legal restrictions.
  • Remember that SEO is a long game. You will have to improve a lot – choose a domain with a history, improve the page loading speed and meta description, rework the content. But as a result, you will provide yourself with a stream of free traffic.
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