Smartlink – What is it and how to make money on it?

In traffic arbitrage, the main task is to find a suitable offer for the user so that the customer spends the money on it. But it is rather difficult to take into account all the interests of a person, and most of the target will still miss the point. However, there is an almost magical tool in the arsenal of an affiliate marketer — a smartlink. It solves the problem of advertising campaign settings and shows each user the relevant offer. Read in our article what a smartlink is and how it works.

How smartlink works

Smartlink is a “smart” link. It defines user data that allows you to more accurately determine what the user likes.

For example
When clicking on a smartlink, it will reveal what operating system and device the users are using, as well as what region they are in.

Smartlink works well in cases where there is a lot of traffic, but there is no way to segment it. The characteristics of the audience are unknown, you do not know who will follow the links. This is where the smartlink comes to the rescue.

For example
An advertising campaign with Google Ads does not need a smart link as there are already enough internal tools for audience segmentation. But if you just spam the link in the comments of various groups on FB, then the link will come in handy, you will not have user data.

However, it should be noted that it does not work immediately, but only after information has been gathered in the system. That means, the smartlink must first be taught information first so that it works adequately.

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For example
You bought 10,000 clicks from some teaser network. There is no exact user data, it is only known that they are interested in sports betting. What kind of offer suits them is unknown. In this case, the system drives a small share of the traffic for the selected offers and measures the conversion. Then, it sends the following users to the most successful offers. Simply put, smartlink does A/B testing.

Benefits of smartlinks

Using a smartlink is not a cure for all “diseases” and does not put the money into your pocket. You still have to work with traffic, but a smartlink provides a number of advantages:

  • You don’t have to keep track of offers. There are times when the offer has already been disabled, and you continue to pour traffic for nothing. Smartlink will simply switch to the next most effective offer and advertise it.
  • Allows you to run tests. If you are not sure about the quality of traffic, then with the help of such a tool you can check it.
  • You can focus solely on traffic – you don’t need to create creatives and landing pages, the smartlink will immediately lead to the site with the offer.

How to create your own smartlink

Due to the technological processes of arbitrage platforms, not every one of them offers its own smartlinks. This tool is common in dating, gambling and betting, sometimes in shopping. That is, despite the convenience, the smartlink is not offered everywhere.

Here you can build your smartlink based on CPALead

Smartlink can be ordered from a programmer or assembled on the basis of some tracker like Keitaro. But they will obviously work worse than the links of partner networks as all the mechanisms there have been worked out by thousands of users.

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The main points
  • Smartlink is a tool that determines user data in a fraction of a second and, based on it, selects a suitable offer for the user.
  • Smartlink is used where there is no way to segment traffic.
  • Such a tool allows you to routinize operations and facilitate the work of an affiliate.
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