SMM Weekly Digest on 2-6 of October 2023

YouTube Tests New Community Notes Feed in the Mobile App

YouTube is experimenting with a “posts-only” feed on the Home tab of its mobile app to enhance text-based social engagement. This feature, reminiscent of Twitter’s text update feed, aims to display posts from channels that users follow and those that might interest them, essentially creating a stream of dedicated updates.

Instagram Announces New Interactive Features at ‘Instagram University’ Event

Unveiling several new features, Instagram aims to cater to younger audience trends. These include birthday shout-outs, selfie videos for Notes, and novel group interaction options. Although many of these features had been spotted in testing phases, their official announcement signals a near-future rollout.

Instagram Rolls Out Option To Share Stories With Multiple Group Lists at Once

Instagram has introduced a feature allowing users to share a Story with several group lists simultaneously. Building on the trend of more private and intimate sharing, users can now curate their content audience, especially since many prefer sharing content via Direct Messages rather than public Stories or feeds.

Meta Experiments With Comment Filter to Prioritize Verified Users

Meta, formerly Facebook, is testing a filter that prioritizes replies from verified users. This move is perceived as an attempt to sideline bots and enhance real human engagement, although it indirectly forms a class distinction between paying and non-paying users. While the filter isn’t about placement, it’s about categorizing subscriber engagement, raising questions about the future of organic social interactions.

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