SMM Weekly Digest on 04-08 of December 2023

Threads App Unveils Top Trending Topics with New Topic Tags

Social media managers and web admins now have a valuable tool as Threads introduces topic tags to all regions. Despite Threads not producing its trending list, developer Max Mykhalchuk compiled an overview revealing NBA discussions, tech-related communities, and photography as the most tagged topics. This update provides insights into user interests, offering a unique perspective on popular discussions within the app.

Instagram Enhances Tracking with Dedicated Domain for Threads

In a move catering to social media managers and web administrators, Instagram has introduced a dedicated domain for Threads, separate from Instagram itself. This new domain facilitates the tracking of referral traffic from Threads posts, enabling users to analyze specific insights within their preferred analytics apps. This strategic update positions Threads as a potential priority for brands, offering valuable insights into post performance and user engagement.

Meta Launches “Purple Llama” Initiative for AI Safety Regulations

Meta has unveiled the “Purple Llama” project, an initiative aimed at establishing industry-wide cybersecurity safety evaluations for large language models (LLMs) and generative AI tools. The project, named after Meta’s Llama LLM, seeks to create benchmarks for LLM cybersecurity and a framework called Llama Guard for protecting against potentially risky AI outputs. As AI safety becomes a critical concern, Purple Llama demonstrates Meta’s commitment to collaborative efforts and responsible AI development.

WhatsApp Introduces “View Once” Feature for Voice Messages

WhatsApp expands its “View Once” functionality to include voice messages, allowing users to send audio messages that disappear after being played once. While seemingly a minor update, this feature adds an extra layer of privacy and flexibility to WhatsApp communications. Particularly valuable in regions with diverse languages, the “Listen Once” option caters to users who prefer audio communication, reinforcing WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy with end-to-end encryption.

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