SMM Weekly Digest on 06-10 of November 2023

Meta Introduces Opt-Out Feature for Threads Posts on Facebook and Instagram

In a move to address user privacy concerns, Meta has announced a new feature allowing Threads users to opt out of having their posts displayed on Facebook and Instagram. This update comes as part of Meta’s strategy to integrate Threads more prominently within its suite of social media platforms. While the feature aims to respect user preferences for separating their social media activities, it also responds to concerns about unwanted crossover of personal content between different social platforms. The new setting is accessible in the Threads app’s privacy section, and its rollout is gradual, becoming available to more users with the app’s latest version.

TikTok Responds to Allegations of Bias in Israel-Hamas War Content

TikTok has firmly denied accusations that its algorithm is biased in amplifying content related to the Israel-Hamas war. The platform released a detailed statement explaining the neutrality of its system and debunking claims of promoting pro-Palestine content. TikTok emphasizes that content trends are driven by user activities and not by the platform’s endorsement of any particular side. This clarification comes amid renewed calls from some U.S. senators for banning the app due to perceived amplification of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish content. The platform’s transparency efforts also include granting third-party access to its source code to confirm the impartiality of its algorithms.

Analyzing the Performance of Elon Musk’s X Project

Elon Musk’s X project is under scrutiny, with conflicting reports about its performance. While some data suggests that X is diversifying its revenue streams and reducing reliance on ad revenue, overall figures indicate a possible decline in total revenue. A significant drop in ad revenue, coupled with an increase in subscription and data sales, paints a complex picture of X’s financial health. Despite claims of increased website traffic and user engagement, the lack of comprehensive data from X itself makes it difficult to ascertain the true state of affairs, especially following its transition to private ownership.

Instagram Enhances Reels Composer with New Creative Tools

Instagram has updated its Reels feature, introducing new tools to enhance the video creation process. This update, part of Meta’s ongoing effort to boost user engagement, includes added editing options and user-friendly functionalities directly within the Reels composer. The new features aim to simplify the video creation process, eliminating the need for external editing tools and encouraging more organic, in-the-moment content. These updates reflect Instagram’s commitment to short-form video content, a format that has significantly contributed to user engagement on the platform.

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