SMM Weekly Digest on 08-12 of January 2024

WhatsApp Enhances Creative Expression with Custom Stickers and Text Formatting

WhatsApp has introduced a significant update for iOS users, featuring a custom sticker creation tool that allows for extensive personalization of images from the camera roll. This feature, which has been a part of the app for about a year, now includes the ability to add graphics, animations, and more, providing a fresh way to enhance user interaction. Simultaneously, WhatsApp is rolling out new text formatting options on Android, including code blocks, quotes, and bullet points, a feature previously available to iOS users. These updates promise to

Google Rethinks AR Strategy Amidst Tech Industry Shakeup

Google has recently announced a series of layoffs, significantly affecting its augmented reality (AR) and Google Assistant teams. This move comes as a surprise, especially when competitors like Apple and Meta are heavily investing in AR technologies. Google’s decision to scale back on AR, despite having showcased its potential integration with core products like Google Search, raises questions about its future direction in the AR landscape. This strategic shift occurs at a critical juncture when AR is expected to gain significant traction in the tech world.

YouTube Simplifies Transition from Long-Form to Short-Form Content

In response to the growing popularity of short-form videos, YouTube has unveiled a new feature enabling creators to easily convert their long-form videos into Shorts. This new editing interface, accessible through the “Remix” option, offers a range of tools designed for this format. Given that Shorts is now one of YouTube’s most rapidly growing content formats, these innovations are set to help creators leverage their existing video assets more effectively, potentially increasing both brand awareness and user engagement on the platform.

Snapchat Boosts Parental Oversight with Enhanced Safety Tools

Snapchat is updating its parental control features to provide parents with more robust oversight capabilities. The updates include a new safety and privacy overview for teen users, a more accessible and prominent Family Center in the app, and the ability to opt teens out of the “My AI” chatbot tool, following concerns about its guidance on sensitive topics. These enhancements aim to address the app’s controversies related to privacy, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content, offering parents greater assurance and potentially broadening Snapchat’s appeal to a wider user base.

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