SMM Weekly Digest on 9-13 of October 2023

Efforts to Combat Misinformation Amid Israel-Hamas War

Digital platforms are playing a pivotal role in the dissemination of information during the intensifying Israel-Hamas conflict. As these platforms are being used to sow dissent and confusion, there is increased scrutiny from the European Union due to new regulations on misinformation. Major platforms have been reminded of their stringent obligations. One of the notable platforms has responded by setting up a special operations center and introducing several measures to combat false reports. Another platform, after a major staff reduction, is grappling with the challenges of misinformation.

Auto Captions Become Default on TikTok

To bolster app accessibility, TikTok will introduce auto captions as a default feature for all videos starting from next month. While the platform previously allowed users to enable auto captions, this option will soon be embedded in the upload process. The step is being lauded as significant for accessibility, benefiting not just users with hearing difficulties, but also those viewing content without sound.

TikTok and Disney Form a Celebratory Partnership

A newly announced partnership between TikTok and Disney will offer unique opportunities for Disney enthusiasts on the platform. Celebrating Disney’s centennial, the partnership will enable users to engage with a myriad of content from Disney’s diverse range. With a vast array of affiliated channels participating, the partnership aims to enhance connections with younger fans and strengthen Disney’s footprint on TikTok. The collaboration is also set to introduce a special music playlist, potentially driving a surge in Disney-themed user-generated content.

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