SMM Weekly Digest on 11-15 of December 2023

Emplifi Report Highlights Reels’ Superior Performance Over TikTok

A recent study by Emplifi revealed that Instagram and Facebook Reels are outperforming TikTok clips in terms of views. The analysis, examining thousands of posts across the platforms, found that longer Reels particularly excelled, garnering significantly higher median views. Facebook Reels also showed a marked advantage over other video content on the platform. This trend suggests a shift in content strategy for brands aiming for higher engagement in 2024.

X Updates the ‘Media’ Tab with New Grid Display

X, the social media platform, is gradually introducing a new grid display format in the ‘Media’ tab of user profiles. This update allows for a more comprehensive view of video and image uploads. Not yet universally available, the feature also includes filters for sorting media by engagement levels. The change aims to facilitate easier navigation and content discovery, aligning with X’s increased focus on video content.

Instagram Tests Enhanced Notes Feature Amid Popularity with Teens

Instagram continues to experiment with its Notes feature, particularly gaining traction among teenage users. Recent updates include testing profile Notes, which allow mutual follows to leave messages visible for three days. The platform initially trialed a similar concept named “Wonder Wall.” Despite mixed reactions from the broader user base, Instagram’s persistence in refining Notes indicates its commitment to maintaining engagement among younger audiences.

Meta Advances VR Avatars with Tongue Movement Recognition

Meta is set to introduce tongue movement tracking in its VR avatars. According to UploadVR, this development is part of Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance realism in virtual reality experiences. While the concept may initially seem peculiar, it’s aimed at creating more authentic and accurate facial expressions, particularly during speech. This advancement is part of a broader trend in virtual reality technology, focusing on detailed and lifelike user interactions.

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