SMM Weekly Digest on 11-15 of September 2023

TikTok Launches Labels for AI-generated Content

In a move to increase transparency and reduce misinformation, TikTok is rolling out in-stream labels for AI-generated content. Users who use AI to create a post will now be required to mark it as such, or they risk having their content removed. This label is designed to clarify to viewers when content has been significantly altered or created by AI. The urgency for such a measure has grown due to confusion surrounding AI-generated images and as generative AI tools become more advanced.

X’s Vision and Challenges After Its First Client Council Meeting

The platform X, under new management led by CEO Linda Yaccarino, is grappling with its market position amidst a slew of ambitious projections and changes. While showcasing new features and tools at its first Client Council Meeting, there’s a cloud of uncertainty over whether these are true innovations or merely iterations of older projects. Despite hurdles like reduced staff and cut costs, X continues its pursuit to redefine itself in the tech world, leveraging partnerships and potentially reshaping its platform to suit the evolving digital landscape.

Snapchat’s Venture into Collectible Valuation

Snapchat is dabbling in the domain of collectible valuation with its latest patent for an “image-based valuation system.” Users might soon scan their collectibles using Snapchat’s camera and receive an estimated value based on online comparisons. While the exact mechanisms and data sources are yet to be fully clarified, this feature could revolutionize the way collectors and enthusiasts value their possessions.

Meta’s Animated Avatars Enter WhatsApp

In an effort to enhance virtual interactions and prepare users for the envisioned metaverse, Meta has integrated animated avatar stickers into WhatsApp. This move is part of a broader strategy where Meta is pushing for more user engagement via avatars across its platforms, anticipating a future where these virtual selves become integral to online communication.

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