SMM Weekly Digest on 12-16 of February 2024

Threads Adopts a New Strategy to Limit Political Content

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has recently announced significant changes for both Instagram and Threads. The platforms are set to adjust their recommendation systems to limit the exposure of political content to users, unless specifically opted in by them. This move aims to reduce the prevalence of divisive political debates on users’ feeds and recommendation areas like Explore and Reels. Mosseri emphasized that the intent is not to interfere with content from political accounts that users already follow but to avoid amplifying political content from non-followed accounts. This approach, previously implemented on Facebook and Instagram with positive feedback, reflects Meta’s broader strategy to enhance user experience by focusing more on entertainment and less on political discourse.

Google Renames Bard to Gemini and Unveils Advanced AI System

In a bold move, Google has rebranded its AI chatbot “Bard” to “Gemini” while launching an upgraded version of the AI language model that powers it. The newly named Gemini AI is designed to support a wider array of tasks, including coding, creative projects, and logical reasoning. Google claims that in blind evaluations, Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 has outperformed other leading chatbots, marking a significant milestone in AI development. This advancement is part of Google’s ongoing effort to redefine web search and discovery in the era of AI, with Gemini set to play a crucial role in maintaining Google’s dominance in web discovery.

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X Strikes Exclusive Content Deal with WWE

X, the social media platform, has entered into an exclusive content partnership with WWE, launching a weekly video series titled WWE Speed. This initiative will feature timed matches between popular WWE stars, aiming to attract wrestling fans and boost engagement on the platform. The collaboration underscores X’s strategy to become a “video-first platform” by enriching its content offerings with exclusive deals, including those with notable personalities and creators. As X continues to evolve, this partnership represents a step towards diversifying its content and enhancing its appeal to a broader audience.

Reddit’s Influence on Consumer Purchase Decisions

Reddit has released a report detailing how the platform significantly influences consumer purchase decisions. Based on the analysis of millions of posts and a survey of 11,000 users, the report reveals a growing trend of consumers seeking authentic opinions and recommendations on Reddit over traditional product discovery channels. With over half of US shoppers expressing skepticism about the authenticity of influencers and algorithm-driven recommendations, Reddit’s community-driven insights are becoming a more trusted source for product information. This shift highlights the importance of Reddit as both a marketing tool for brands and a valuable resource for consumers seeking genuine product advice.

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