SMM Weekly Digest on 13-17 of November 2023

Major Advertisers Withdraw from X Amid Controversy

In a significant turn of events, major advertisers are withdrawing from the X app, a project co-headed by Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino. This decision comes in the wake of a series of challenges for X, primarily driven by Musk’s controversial statements and public stances. Key developments include a third-party report criticizing X’s handling of misinformation, the European Commission’s decision to halt advertising on the platform, IBM’s withdrawal due to concerns over content moderation, and a federal judge’s rejection of X’s appeal against an FTC fine. Advertisers like Apple, Lionsgate, and Disney are among the latest to pause their campaigns, further escalating the situation for X, whose ad revenue has already plummeted by 50% from the previous year.

Meta and Christian Louboutin Team Up Against Counterfeiters

Meta, in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Christian Louboutin, has launched a lawsuit against an individual accused of selling counterfeit Louboutin products through Facebook and Instagram. This joint legal action, filed in the Northern District of California, highlights Meta’s intensified efforts to enforce intellectual property rights on its platforms. Meta has enhanced its Brand Rights Protection Manager tool, allowing brands to more swiftly remove potentially counterfeit content, and introduced an Intellectual Property Reporting API for efficient IP violation reporting.

TikTok Enhances User Engagement with New AR Effects Feature

TikTok is set to enhance its user experience by introducing an in-app AR effects creation tool, enabling users to design their own custom AR experiences. This new feature, part of TikTok’s global rollout, aims to democratize effect creation, allowing users of varying skill levels to participate. By using templates and objects from TikTok’s AR database, users can create interactive experiences such as mini-games and filters, potentially opening avenues for future monetization and creative expansion.

YouTube’s New AI Music Experiment: “Dream Track”

YouTube is stepping into the AI music creation arena with its new feature, “Dream Track.” This experiment allows users to create music in the styles of various well-known artists using generative AI. Participating artists include Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, and Demi Lovato, among others. The initiative seeks to provide an approved, transparent way for users to experiment with AI-generated music, addressing concerns about copyright and authenticity in AI music creation. YouTube’s collaboration with record labels and the introduction of new tagging and monetization frameworks signify a step towards a more regulated and officially sanctioned approach to AI-generated content in the music industry.

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