SMM Weekly Digest on 14-18 of August 2023

Instagram Introduces New Features to Threads

Reposts Tab for Threads Profiles: Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, unveils a new tab for users to find all threads they’ve reposted. This new feature is part of Instagram’s initiative to organize an ever-increasing volume of shared content. This added functionality will simplify content discovery for both users and their audiences.

Reposts Appear in Threads’ Following Feed: Reposts won’t just be limited to the Threads profile tab. They will also show up in the following feed. However, users not keen on viewing reposts from their followed accounts might need to wait for Threads to introduce a filtering option, akin to platform X’s user control feature.

Instagram Explores Audio Notes Feature

Adam Mosseri teased possible audio notes with friends feature for Instagram. This new feature is still in its initial phases, with no public testing as of yet. But when implemented, it promises to present a novel way for users to communicate, and for marketers to target specific audiences on the platform. Notably, a similar audio platform was previously attempted by Facebook in 2021 but was discontinued within a year.

Meta Continues to Innovate Across its Platforms

Emphasizing on user feedback, Mosseri’s latest announcements underscore Meta’s dedication to enhancing user experience across its platforms. In line with this commitment, Meta recently integrated video messages into WhatsApp, expanding communication options for its vast user base.

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