SMM Weekly Digest 17-21 July 2023

Instagram is making it easier to create Reels

Instagram is providing more features for brands by making it easier to create Reels. In particular, templates for reels will now be available, which can be saved to be used later. In other words, there’ll be no need to manually add stickers, sounds, and filters anymore.

Moreover, Instagram Reels will now be available on Facebook as well. Instagram users will be able to comment on videos from Facebook, and vice versa, without needing to switch between apps.

Meta launches guidance for creating brand content on Threads

Meta has released a guide for creating content for large brands on their new social network, Threads:

  • Make an epic entrance – your first Threads post should be vivid and memorable. You can use memes and videos, like Netflix and Backstreet Boys did.
  • Engage your users – the social network recommends making more content aimed at engagement, such as questions, surveys and polls, and reaction posts. An actual tool for creating polls has yet to be created, however.
  • Launch challenges – brands will attract more attention if they hold challenges, such as obtaining a certain number of followers.

Meta has expressly released this guidance at a time when the growth in the number of new users has slowed down significantly.

TikTok launches a starter guide for Ads on its platform

TikTok has launched a new site aimed at helping users get to grips with advertising on the platform.

The site opens as a survey with 5 points which, once filled, will provide the user with a specific marketing plan for promoting themselves on TikTok, including recommendations on selecting a target audience and creating content.

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