SMM Weekly Digest on 18-22 of September 2023

Meta Introduces AI Chatbots with Unique Personas

Meta is set to release AI chatbots with distinct personalities, allowing users to engage with a variety of chatbot personas. These chatbots will be introduced at Meta’s “Connect” conference. Some of the featured personalities include a “sassy robot” and “Alvin the Alien”. This move is seen as an attempt to boost engagement and draw attention to Meta’s advancing AI tools.

Improved Content Reporting Flow by X

X has revamped its reporting flow, making it simpler for users to highlight and report rule-breaking content. This streamlined process, backed by an internal overhaul, aims to address content violations more efficiently. Elon Musk emphasizes a commitment to combat violative content while promoting transparency and free speech on the platform.

Facebook’s New Multi-Profile Option

Meta launches a multi-profile feature for Facebook, enabling users to establish up to four additional profiles. This allows for a separation of personal and professional content or diverse interests. Despite being a means for enhanced privacy and diversified sharing, there’s skepticism around its practicality, given the need to switch between profiles.

Snapchat’s AR and Bitmoji Innovations at 2023 Beauty Summit

Snapchat previews new AR tools and Bitmoji additions at its 2023 Beauty Summit. Innovations include post capture Lenses for editing previously taken images, a “Beauty Bestie” make-up try-on feature, and “Beauty Drops” for Bitmoji avatars. Additionally, Snap experiments with sponsored results in its “My AI” chatbot, opening new promotional avenues for brands.

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