SMM Weekly Digest on 20-01 of February 2024

Meta Enhances Tools for Intellectual Property Protection

Meta has introduced new features and services aimed at assisting brands in safeguarding their intellectual property rights across its platforms. Enhancements include an updated Brand Rights Protection suite, a new Intellectual Property Reporting Center for submitting copyright and trademark complaints, and significant improvements to the Rights Manager for better image content management. These updates provide brands with more sophisticated tools to monitor, report, and take action against IP infringements, streamlining the process and enabling more effective brand protection.

LinkedIn Phases Out Lookalike Audiences for Enhanced Targeting Features

LinkedIn is set to discontinue its lookalike audiences feature by February 29, 2024, encouraging advertisers to adopt Predictive Audiences and Audience Expansion as alternatives. This change requires marketers to adjust their targeting strategies ahead of the deadline. Lookalike audiences will become static and cease updating, with inactive ones auto-archived after 30 days. Predictive Audiences leverage LinkedIn’s AI for custom audience creation, while Audience Expansion allows for broader demographic targeting. Advertisers must transition to these new tools to maintain dynamic and effective ad targeting on the platform.

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YouTube Enhances Studio with New Features for Creators

YouTube introduces four innovative Studio features to assist creators in optimizing their content, including an improved research tab for desktop users, a community clips section for showcasing popular video snippets, enhanced playlist analytics for deeper insights, and scheduled publishing for members-only content. These updates aim to provide creators with better research tools, more engagement opportunities, and greater control over content and analytics, facilitating channel growth and viewer interaction.

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