SMM Weekly Digest on 20-24 of November 2023

Instagram Enhances Reels Download Feature

Instagram has announced an update enabling all users to download publicly posted Reels. Initially available to U.S. users since June, this feature now includes a new “Download” option in the Reels “Share” display, provided the creator permits downloads. While this could increase content sharing, including on platforms like TikTok, it raises concerns about content repurposing and potential decreases in original content production.

Advertiser Boycott Impacts X’s Revenue

X, a major social media platform, is facing a significant advertiser boycott, causing substantial revenue losses. This backlash began after a Media Matters report highlighted that major brands’ ads were shown alongside offensive content. Prominent brands like IBM, Apple, Lionsgate, and Disney have paused their ad spending, with X’s ad revenue plummeting by about 50%. Legal action by X’s owner, Elon Musk, against Media Matters has not stemmed the tide, leading to a projected $75 million loss in ad revenue.

Meta Expands Access to Research Data Tools

Meta is broadening access to its Content Library and API tools, allowing researchers to analyze data from Facebook and Instagram. This move, seen as a response to evolving regulatory and transparency requirements, offers insights into user behavior and trends on these platforms. The initiative, which includes data on public content, reactions, and post view counts, marks a significant shift following the restricted access implemented after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

YouTube’s Response to Ad Blockers

YouTube is intensifying its efforts against ad blockers by implementing website load delays for users detected using such tools. This strategy, part of a broader campaign to protect its advertising revenue, includes a warning notification to users about potential suboptimal viewing experiences. This shift could significantly affect user experience and reflects YouTube’s determination to maintain its core revenue stream amid rising ad blocker usage.

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