SMM Weekly Digest on 21-25 of August 2023

X (Formerly Twitter) Revamps Link Sharing

Elon Musk’s recent announcement regarding X signals a shift in how links are shared on the platform. By eliminating headlines and descriptions from shared links, X aims to elevate aesthetic coherence and combat the prevalence of clickbait.

LinkedIn Enhances Feed with AI-Powered Algorithm

LinkedIn’s newly upgraded home feed utilizes AI to offer a more personalized user experience. Designed to better align with individual professional goals, this AI-driven upgrade also offers businesses and marketers enhanced micro-personalization capabilities for more effective targeting.

LinkedIn Boosts Newsletter Features

In a move to better serve creators and readers, LinkedIn has rolled out multiple features aimed at enhancing the newsletter experience. Now allowing up to five newsletters per account and implementing automatic follows for subscribers, LinkedIn is optimizing user engagement and discoverability.

YouTube Clarifies Shorts Algorithm

YouTube has recently shed light on the mechanics of its Shorts algorithm. Contrary to popular misconceptions, YouTube emphasizes the importance of audience-focused content creation and clarifies what counts as a “view.” With these insights, creators are encouraged to prioritize storytelling and quality over mere metrics.

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